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Design / Build / Launch / Maintain: Corporate Infrastructure Solutions

Bradley M Stinson
Infrastructure Application Engineer


Bradley M Stinson is an information technology guru with 6 years of tech industry experience and Arizona native who enjoys off-roading through the Arizona outback, camping and fishing.

Bradley cut his teeth working helpdesk, desktop support, application support analyst and application engineering roles for Yelp. During his time there he interfaced with every department in the company on a regular basis including the C suite.

Bradley’s work in corporate infrastructure gives him unparalleled business insight enabling him to quickly resolve issues and drive projects with multi-department interdependencies to completion. He strives to be the de facto escalation point for odd requests and vexing technology problems.

Bradley is familiar with setup, administration, and maintenance of today’s most commonly used cloud based and on-prem software. He can scope and scale your infrastructure applications from hundreds to thousands of employees.


UPS 2005 - 2013

For five years during his tenure at UPS, Bradley drove the brown truck and interacted directly with customers as the face of UPS. He drove safely and never accrued a single accident. In fact to this day he's never crashed a vehicle. He has however been in a car accident submerged and seatbelted in under water, ask him to tell you about it sometime.

Yelp 2013 - Present

Bradley currently works full-time for Yelp as an Application Engineer. His day-to-day work consists of troubleshooting advanced issues, administrating, configuring, and deploying workforce productivity tools. Additionally he controls access to applications and sensitive information, and builds out new solutions to old problems or refines existing solutions to take them from the inital problem solution stage to enterprise grade tool.


Enpoints, Webhooks, and Messages... Oh my! (Work in Progress)

This project was to create an enpoint using a Google Sheet for sending POST requests to from another source like Salesforce to then create a message in Google Chat room displaying the content of the POST.

Email to text

This project was to generate a text message to a person or group from an email. Useful for automated alerts or texting your entire team from your Gmail inbox.

Take a Look!

Tutorial: Getting Radio Button Values with JavaScript

This was a school project to create a tutorial for my classmates to learn from. At the time many of them mentioned the difficulty they had getting the values from radio buttons using JavaScript

Take a look!

Getting and showing computer location in the browser

This was another tutorial for my classmates but involved using an API to get and show the users location to them in their browser.

Take a look!






Phone: +1 (480) 389-9759
Email: bradleymstinson@gmail.com


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